Writing, sass, and freelancing.

These are three of the first words that come to mind when I think about the Gig List, and they’re three of the words my friends would most closely associate with me. (“Funny” might be in there too, somewhere between “nerdo” and “creative.” Which is to say – I don’t think they’re too far down.)

Hopefully reading this brief work history will give you an idea of my experience and style (and even sound a little like reading past Gig Lists here).

Bandzoogle, Web Tech, February 2015-Present

Musicians are talented at a lot of things, but building their own website isn’t often one of them. The Web Tech assists low-level tech-y musicians to build their website, understand stale topics like SEO and eCommerce, and refer them to the appropriate service when they come to us thinking we’ll manage and run their entire career.

(For more about my role at Bandzoogle, please click here!)

Writer, Desi Does/Desi Does Pizza, February 2012-Present

Sometimes people need to know what the cool trends are, what to do on vacation, or just wonder what the best spot to get pizza is. I’m happy to tell them. Writing my own blog has helped me improve my writing skills, network and build connections with brands, and it’s an opportunity to share tips on freelancing and remote work.

(For some of my best posts on career topics including job roundups, please click here. If you just want to read about pizza, I don’t blame you – click here for the ‘za.)

Webmaster Etc., The Hold Steady & Craig Finn, July 2016-Present

I’d rather listen to my favorite band play than watch them try to market themselves. Compiling the email newsletter and writing copy, keeping the website updated, designing graphics, and assisting with social media management are just a few of the tasks I’ve taken on to save fans the grief of watching middle-aged rock guys try to navigate that world on their own.

(Just need some good jams for your morning? Heavily recommend clicking here.)

Interim Marketing Manager, City Winery Nashville, January 2015-May 2015

Wine and music pretty much sell themselves, but they’re not so good at the typing or writing. Getting the blog off the ground, compiling bi-weekly newsletters advertising concerts, events, and food and beverage specials, and establishing consistent in-house design were my primary focuses here.

(In New York and want to see some folksy Americana, or maybe a nostalgia act many years past their prime? Me too! There’s a location in FiDi.)

If you can’t get enough of my work history, check out the full rundown here, or just shoot me an email at desi@desirottman.com. I’d love to join AND CO/Fiverr and write the Gig List!